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Event Notes

Presented by: Filament Incubator and Epigraph Collective

Playwright / Director: Curtis te Brinke
Lighting Designer: Jeff Pybus
Set / Props / Costumes: Jingjia Zhang
Sound Designer: Steph Raposo
Stage Manager: Taryn Dougall

Cast: Madeleine Brown, Cassidy Furman, Cathy Huang, Jason Houle and Nathan Redburn

“Six years ago a coven of teenage witches unwittingly unleashed a violent force on their small town. With the body count piling up, these now grown-up witches return home to fix their mistake. As their past and the present collide they begin to piece together the events of six years ago, contend with both a murderous demon and the dangerous secrets at the heart of their coven. Imp is a dark fantasy about blood, magic, and the ties that run deeper than either.”

Imp is The Craft by way of Alice Munro. It finds te Brinke returning to Mason Ontario, the same setting of his 2016 production Tire Swing. While the plays are connected only by setting, fans of Tire Swing’s small town horror will be eager to see a new chapter in the Mason saga. Imp introduces a new cast of characters, a set of young twenty something’s dealing with newfound adulthood, and newfound dark magic. While Tire Swing explored the darker truths of childhood, Imp attacks the scarier sides of the stint of years leading out of teenagehood. Imp is a play for a post-Ghoemshi Canada, a dark horror/fantasy that pulls no punches about the ramifications of violence and silence.

Praise for Filament Incubator and Epigraph Collective’s previous co-production, Tire Swing:

“The story thoughtfully explores the experience of feeling trapped and alienated by a community that can’t quite heal itself. With similarities to IT and Twin Peaks, Tire Swing feels vaguely—and pleasantly—familiar in it’s story elements. My own childhood nightmares came creeping up on me during this spine-tingling and poignant production.” -Mooney On Theatre

“Part memory play, part ghost story, part coming of age story, Tire Swing scoops you up into a Stand By Me meets X-Files world of mystery and nightmare”. -Life With More Cowbell

***WARNING*** Nudity and mature content

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