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Friday June 7 2019 at 8:00 PM
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Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society
I Am Not A Girl

After a highly successful first-run in Vancouver – Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society will bring I Am Not a Girl to the stage at Tarragon’s EXTRASPACE, Toronto, June (5th - 9th) 2019.

I Am Not a Girl tells the unique story of Erica, born into a large family in the 1970’s. When Erica begins to question their identity, they are propelled on a journey of self-discovery, embarking into a world of drugs, sexual encounters and failed relationships. Erica finally reaches a revelation, they can transition to the gender that they have always truly identified as – male. With this promise and the incredible support of a loving mother, Erica faces the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of transitioning to their authentic self, Eric.

Toronto based lead actor Kai Taddei responded to the impact they believe the production will have, “I think it's important to honour queer and trans elders and history by sharing stories with one another told by queer and trans folks of varying generations. As a young non-binary transmasculine person beginning my social and medical transition now, in 2019, it's enlightening to read this play and hear Eric's story, a young binary trans man who grew up in the late 20th century.”

Complementing the production will be a post show Q&A after each evening performance and following the matinee on June 9, the society will facilitate a special panel exploring discourse around transgender issues today, in Canada.

Audience Advisory: stronge language, graphic surgical imagery, sexual violence and suicide

Kai Taddei: Erica/Eric
Ren Kennedy: Jean
Sebastian ‘Bash’ Hirtenstein: Choreographer/ Dancer

Co-Director: Ren Kennedy
Co-Director: Kyle Roberts
Stage Manager: Kayla Vanderlip
Lighting Designer: Chris Belc
Sound Designer: Patrick Boudreau
Projections Designer: Vanka Salim
Costume Designer/ Make-up Artist: Chris Faris
Publicist: Sean Scott
Assistant Publicist: Katherine Walker-Jones
Graphic Designer: Emilia Kalka
Photographer/Videographer: Haley Garnett


30 Bridgman Avenue
Toronto ON M5R 1X3


This is a general admission performance - the seats are on a first come, first serve basis when you arrive at the venue.

Doors open 1/2 hour prior to start of performance.